gayby boom

A sharp increase in the number of gay parents, which includes lesbians having babies and same-sex couples adopting children.
Example Citation:
"The trend of gays and lesbians becoming parents has even been dubbed the 'gayby' boom in recent articles about the subject."
— Catherine Gilfether, "Homeosexual parents redefine images of family," The Plain Dealer, December 2, 1995
Earliest Citation:
"But gay leaders have also begun fighting for a slate of family rights including social security, medical benefits, inheritance, child custody and even gay marriage. For a growing number of homosexual men and women, such family concerns are a day-to-day reality: a new generation of gay parents has produced the first-ever 'gayby boom."
— Eloise Salholz, "The Future of Gay America," Newsweek, March 12, 1990
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